Marketing Case Competition 2024

Marketing Case Competition
Project Overview
Western Washington University held an annual Marketing Case Competition for students. Anyone was able to compete who was a student at Western. Out of the 15 other teams that competed, my team came out on top to be the winner of the 2023 Marketing Case Competition.
My Contributions
The goal of this competition was to create a media and creative strategy for the company 1-800 flowers. My team and I were able to successfully create a marketing strategy for 1-800 flowers and presented a detail 20 minute presentation to the judges about our idea. Once the final presentations were done, the judges deliberated about which team came out on top, and won the competition.
Presenting during the Marketing Case Competition of 2024 was as exciting as it was challenging. Being given a week to develop and deliver a (semi) flawless presentation in the span of one week could not have been more stress inducing. However, with the help of my teammates Justin Casper and Kaitlin Simpson; we were able to prevail and take home first place!

We had developed 3 kinds of stages for our presentation which each of us had to pay specific detail to.

1. The first stage was organization. Organizing the layout of the digital marketing plan was very important. Having our market research, creative thinking, and budgeting in the right order created a presentation that could be easily understood by the audience.

2. Having a story. Presenting using a story was integral to each part of our presentation. We could easily input an image or idea into the audiences mind and they could see our vision every step of the way.

3. 3 unique campaign ideas: we utilized 3 campaign ideas to both sustain the highest revenue target market, current target market, and improve the customer experience with all customers through website development. With all of these ideas put into one, we made it out on top to be the marketing champs!
Marketing Case Competition
March 2024